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Established in December 2010, the Research and Development Center on Electronics and Telecommunications Technology (RDCET) is an inter-departmental research center whose objectives are to fully utilize the potential in terms of human resources and technological know-how from researchers at the school.


Beside research, the center is eligible to perform other activities, such as technology transfer and other interlectual property related activities, industrial-oriented training, and consulting etc.


Researchers and scientists from different departments in and outside of the School of Electronics and Telecommunications form research groups belonging to 7 laboratories:

  1. Future Networking Laboratory
  2. Wireless Communications Laboratory
  3. Microwave and Photonics Laboratory
  4. IC Design Laboratory
  5. Laboratory for Reconfigurable Computing and Embedded Systems
  6. Laboratory for Signal and Information Processing
  7. Laboratory for Multimedia


Provided with good facilities, the Center currently attracts 30 researchers and more than a hundred students, who can stay and work at ease in open and comfortable environment. Various research projects funded by the government and the industry are carried out at the Center.