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Department Biomedical Engineering


Department of Biomedical Engineering at Hanoi University of Science and Technology has good cooperation with the organizations on training, research and transfer technology, include:


Domestic Organizations:

  • -  Deparment of Biomedical Engineering, Le Quy Don University;
  • -  Deparment of Biomedical Engineering, Ho Chi Minh University of Technology;
  • -  Deparment of Biomedical Engineering, International University - Ho Chi Minh National University;
  • -  Deparment of Physiology and Human Anatomy, Hanoi Medical University;
  • -  Bach Mai Hospital;
  • -  E Hospital;
  • -  108 Hospital;
  • -  Huu Nghi Hospital;
  • -  Vinh Phuc Hospital;
  • -  Hanam Hospital;
  • -  National Eye Hospital;
  • -  Vietnam - Japan Medical Instrumentation Company;
  • -  Vietphan Medical Instrumentation Company;
  • -  Minh Tam Medical Instrumentation Company;
  • -  Sagomed Medical Instrumentation Company;
  • -  Thang Long Medical Instrumentation Company;
  • -  Olympus Vietnam Medical Instrumentation Company;
  • -  Siemens Vietnam Medical Instrumentation Company...

International Organizations:

  • -  University of Wisconsin-Madison, USA;
  • -  Baylor University, Texas, USA;
  • -  University of Austin, Texas, USA;
  • -  Rutgers University, New Jersey, USA;
  • -  VLIR Universities Group, Belgium;
  • -  Oregon University, USA;
  • -  Nancy University, France;
  • -  Shibaura Institute, Japan...


BME-HUST leaders visit and exchange at University of Wisconsin-Madison and Austin, USA


          Baylor Universiy Professors visit BME-HUST            Wisconsin University Professor teaching at BME-HUST