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Dr.Truong Thu Huong

Dr.Truong Thu Huong

Office: Space 618, Ta QuangBuu Library

Email:  This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Website : https://sites.google.com/site/networkinglab2012/




Undergraduate program:


Communication systems

Fundamentals of Communication Networks


Advanced Program:




Graduate program:


Next generation optical network


Research Interest:


  1. Quality of Experience for content delivery networks, IMS-based IPTV

    2. Green networking for saving energy in data centers and IP core networks

    3. Cross-layer interaction in multilayer networks, application layer traffic optimization, optimizing optical resource allocation under the context of virtualization.

    4. Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS)

    5. Quality-of-Service: QoS architectures in the Internet, QoS guarantees, packet scheduling mechanisms for real-time communications.

    6. Overlay network architectures for multimedia communications: overlay QoS/QoE, streaming in overlay.

    7. Performance evaluation and simulation of high-speed networks.





1. Pham Ngoc Nam, Nguyen Huu Thanh, Vu Quang Trong, Tran Hoang Vu, Truong Thu Huong, Phuoc Tran-Gia, and Christian Schwartz, " A New Power Profiling Method and Power Scaling Mechanism for Energy-Aware NetFPGA Gigabit Router", accepted to Computer Networks, Elsevier, NETHERLANDS. ISSN: 1389-1286

2. Nguyen Huu Thanh, Pham Ngoc Nam,Truong Thu Huong, Tran Ngoc Thuan, Nguyen Minh Duong,Nguyen Van Giang, Nguyen Tai Hung, Ngo Quynh Thu, David Hock, Christian Schwartz, “Modeling and experimenting combined smart sleep and power scaling algorithms in energy-aware data center networks”, Simulation Modeling Practice and Theory 39 (2013) 20–40, Elsevier. DOI:10.1016/j.simpat.2013.05.011

3. Thu-Huong Truong, Nguyen Tai Hung, Nguyen Huu Thanh, “Pragmatic Correlations of Quality-of-Experience and Quality of Service in IMS-based IPTV networks”, International Journal of Distributed Systems and Technologies, vol.4- 2013. IGIPublishing. DOI:10.4018/jdst.2013010103

4. Wajdi Halabi, Kris Steenhaut, Marnix Goossens, Thu-Huong Truong, Ann Nowé, "Hierarchical Routing, Connection Setup and Traffic Grooming in IP/MPLS based ASON/GMPLS Multi-Domain Networks, Photonic Network Communications, Springer Heidelberg New York; 13th December 2011. DOI: 10.1007/s11107-011-0352-9

International Conference Proceedings

1. Dang Van Tuyen, Truong Thu Huong, Nguyen Huu Thanh, Nguyen Tai Hung, Bart Puype, Didier Colle, Kris Steenhaut, "An Enhanced Deterministic Flow Marking Technique to  Efficiently Support Detection of Network Spoofing Attacks", accepted to the IEEE ATC 2014

2. Tran Manh Nam, Truong Thu Huong, Nguyen Huu Thanh, Pham Van Cong, Ngo Quynh Thu, Pham Ngoc Nam, Hoang Quoc Viet,  "A Reliable Analyzer for Energy-Saving Approaches in Large Data Center Networks", IEEE ICCE 2014, 29 July-1 August 2014, Danang, Vietnam

3. Nguyen Huu Thanh, Bui Dinh Cuong, To Duc Thien, Pham Ngoc Nam, Ngo Quynh Thu, Truong Thu Huong, and Tran Manh Nam, “ECODANE: A Customizable Hybrid Testbed for Green Data Center Networks”, The 2013 International Conference on Advanced Technologies for Communications (ATC’13), ISBN: 978-4799-1089-2

4. Thu Huong-Truong ; Nguyen Huu Thanh ; Nguyen Tai Hung ; Mueller, J. ; Magedanz, T. , “QoE-aware resource provisioning and adaptation in IMS-based IPTV using OpenFlow “,2013 19th IEEE Workshop on Local & Metropolitan Area Networks (LANMAN),  Brussels, Belgium. Digital Object Identifier: 10.1109/LANMAN.2013.6528284 . ISBN: 978-1-4673-4984-0

5. Nguyen Huu Thanh, Pham Ngoc Nam, Thu-Huong Truong, Nguyen Tai Hung, Luong Kim Doanh, Rastin Pries, “ Enabling experiments for energy-eff icient data center networks on OpenFlow-based platform”, 2012 Fourth International Conference on Communications and Electronics (ICCE), pp 239-244

6. Thu-Huong Truong, Nguyen Tai Hung, Nguyen Huu Thanh, "Service provisioning with Quality-of-Experience support in IMS-based IPTV" , 2012 Fourth International Conference onUbiquitous and Future Networks (ICUFN), Thailand, pp346-351

7. Thu-Huong Truong, Tai-Hung Nguyen, Huu-Thanh Nguyen, "On relationship of Quality of Experience and Quality of Service for IMS-based IPTV network", 9th IEEE International Conference on Computing and Communication Technologies 2012 - RIVF'12, one of best selected papers

8. Truong Thu Huong, Daniel Schlosser, Pham Ngoc Nam, Michael Jarschel, Nguyen Huu Thanh, Rastin Pries, ECODANE - Reducing Energy Consumption in Data Center Networks based on Traffic Engineering, in proceedings of the 11th Wuerzburg Workshop on IP: Joint ITG and Euro-NF Workshop “Visions of Future Generation Network (Euroview 2011). Page(s): 87-88. Poster Session.

9. Truong, T.-H.; Baldi, M.; Ofek, Y.;, "Scheduling High-Rate Sessions in Fractional Lambda Switching Networks: Algorithm and Analysis," 13th IEEE Symposium on Computers and Communications (ISCC 2008), Morocco, 6-9, July 2008. Page(s):949 – 956

10. Thu-Huong Truong, M. Baldi, Y. Ofek, " Efficient Scheduling for Heterogeneous Fractional Lambda Switching (FLS) Networks”, the IEEE Global Telecommunications Conference (Globecom 07), Washington, USA. 26-30 Nov. 2007 Page(s):2331 – 2336

11. Thu-Huong Truong, M. Baldi, Y. Ofek, "An Efficient Scheduling Algorithm for Time-Driven Switching Networks," the 15th IEEE workshop on Local and Metropolitan Area Networks (LANMAN 07), Pricenton, New Jersey, USA. 10-13 June 2007 Page(s):90 – 95

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13. D. Agrawal, M. Baldi, M. Corra, G. Fontana, G. Marchetto, V. T. Nguyen, Y. Ofek, D. Severina, T. H. Truong, O. Zadedyurina, "A Scalable Approach for Supporting Streaming Media: Design, Implementation and Experiments," ISCC 2007 - IEEE Symposium on Computers and Communications, Aveiro, Portugal, 1-4 July 2007.

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15. D. Agrawal, M. Baldi, M. Corra, G. Fontana, T.T. Huong, G. Marchetto, V.T. Nguyen, Y. Ofek, D. Severina, and O. Zadedyurina, "Global Time from GALILEO for Overcoming Internet Challenges: Switching Scalability and Streaming Media", Parliament Magazine, 20 March 2006.


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